The Cattleman, Natural

The Cattleman, Natural

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Introducing our Cattleman Cowboy Hat, meticulously crafted from 100% Australian wool to embody the essence of Western heritage. This hat features the iconic cattleman crown shape, distinguished by a straight crease down the middle, and a subtly upturned brim on the sides.

Designed as a versatile canvas for personalization, this hat is a standout choice for hat bars, arriving plain and primed for customization.

Hand-finished with care in China, this hat boasts a stiff, structured material ensuring both durability and style. Its roomy fit, with a crown size of 57 cm, provides comfort for a variety of head shapes. Plus, with adjustable sizing via a convenient hook-and-loop tab inside the sweatband, achieving your ideal fit has never been easier.

Measuring 4 inches in brim width and 4.5 inches in crown height, this hat strikes the perfect balance between traditional Western aesthetics and modern comfort.

Embrace the spirit of the Old West with our Cattleman Cowboy Hat, a timeless accessory crafted for both style and practicality.