Knox Hematite Earrings
Knox Hematite Earrings

Knox Hematite Earrings

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Make a bold statement with our Knox Hematite Earrings. These striking 3.25" earrings feature a combination of brass, hematite, and magnesite spikes, creating a dramatic and edgy look.

Handcrafted to order, each piece is made by skilled artisans dedicated to quality and originality. The unique nature of the stones and glass means variations in shape, size, and color, with visible inclusions that add to their natural beauty. 

Jewelry is crafted from plated metal, may darken or tarnish over time with normal wear. To maintain their brilliance, gently wipe the metal surface with a soft cloth, avoiding excessive polishing that may scratch the plating. Keep them away from lotions, perfumes, oils, and excessive light, heat, or moisture to preserve the quality of the glass, plating, and stones.

Avoid wearing these earrings in pools, hot tubs, or while bathing. With proper care, the Knox Hematite Earrings will remain a standout piece in your collection for years to com