Indigo Dog Collar

Indigo Dog Collar

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Inspired by the peace baskets of Rwanda, our Indigo Collar boasts bold hues that will bring out the sparkle in your dog's eyes. It doesn't matter whether your dog splashes around in the puddle or snuggles up in the living room... they will feel the joy that this collar brings! Ethically-made. 

Our Style-Release Collars were created for your dog in mind. The added fast-release buckle allows for convenience and ease (required by most dog daycares) of slipping on and off the collar, while the buckle provides adjustability as your dog grows without compromising the design. 

  • Materials: cowhide leather, glass beads from Czech Republic, brass finishings
  • Color: black, white, and indigo blue
  • Origin: Kenya
  • Impact: Job creation for Masai women and a leather workshop on the outskirts of Nairobi
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 10' to 13' inches length, .75' width
    • Medium: 13.5' to 16.5' inches length, 1' width
    • Large: 17' to 21' inches length, 1' width